Patsy Lorraine Adams “Patsy L. Adams” was born in Jersey City, New Jersey to Joseph and Clarice Judge. Patsy L. Adams is the best-selling author of “The Lighter Side of Darkness” She is the youngest of three girls. Ms. Adams was raised on a supportive foundation. “My parents always encouraged us and enforced the idea that we could be anything we chose to be.” Her parents were strong, loving, and Christian parents. “They both had a strong work ethic. They also valued family and stressed the importance of maintaining close family relationships.”

            Growing up, Patsy loved fiction mysteries. Nancy Drew was her favorite heroine. “At an early age, my older sister, who was six years my senior, took me with her to the neighborhood library while she did her homework. Once I learned to read and could comprehend what I was reading I feel in love with the who, the what, and the how of a great mystery novel.” John Grisham is her favorite author. His literary works in some ways inspired her to write. “I grew up on Agatha Christie; I still watch her mysteries on YouTube. I still have paperbacks of Ellery Queen mysteries.”

            “The Lighter Side of Darkness” was first published and released in April of 2020. The story’s journey to fruition started with a divine vision. “One night I had a dream/vision; not sure what to call it; it was so vivid. My oldest grandson was rescuing his sister from a tower.” From that dream came a mandate for her to “Just start writing”. She believes that God began to show her the talent she had lying dormant inside.  

Although she is from Jersey City, she now calls California home where she resides with her children. She moved to Southern California with her husband and her son in 1969. Before she was an author, she worked 33 years for The Community Redevelopment Agency. There she rebuilt many parts of the city of Los Angeles. “I would say the creation of something from raw materials had many similarities with my writing. It affords me the opportunity to use ‘raw’ words and turning them into stories that people can enjoy and experience as well.” She retired from her job in 2004 and was able to devote herself to writing ever since. 

            Patsy L. Adams admitted that once her book was finished that she had writer’s remorse. “I couldn’t sleep. My readers contacted me and said they enjoyed [the book] and they literally couldn’t wait to read the sequel. My anxieties and fears left, and I was overjoyed.” Not knowing whether or not your work is good enough to be published is Patsy’s least favorite part of being an author. “When you are creating a story, it’s like carrying a baby in your womb. Then when your work is finally published, it’s like giving birth to something you’ve waited so long for.” To get inspired, Patsy watches a lot of mysteries movie. She would imagine how she would change the script to bring a different outcome. 

            Her latest novel is not only her favorite work but also one of, what she believes, her biggest achievements. “It took me ten years to complete it. There were a lot of obstacle. I had a husband; he and I traveled the world together. Not to mention my children, grandchildren. And my church activities. Needless to say, there wasn’t much time for writing. I had to fit it in when I could.” She wants her career to emulate John Grisham. “His writing is so creative.” As her career continues to grow and evolve, she wants her fans to perceive her as a great and diverse author. “I hope my creative, suspenseful writing will give people of all ages the desire to make reading a regular pass time again.”